24 Fabulous One Page Web Layouts

Once upon a time we were all taught that web pages should have all the content in the screen area and the user ideally shouldn’t have to scroll down. Well, times have changed and now it’s perfectly acceptable to scroll down to see more content. These examples show that one long page can be easy…

What You Need to Know Before You Start Your SEO Campaign

The main point of this post is to improve the general understanding of first time SEO’s. Far too many webmasters jump into Link Building and Keyword Research without realising that all of their work will probably be in vain. This is because they have failed to utilise simple Web Design to improve the accessibility of…

CodeMyConcept Giveaway: 2 Lucky People Win PSD to HTML Service

PSD to HTML services are frequently outsourced by many web designers and developers, because it is an effective way to stay focused on creating fabulous designs rather than coding.

Infographic: Top Design Blogs Compared

Whatever kind of site you’re running: ecommerce, bricks-and-mortar sales or service, or not-for-profit, you need your site design to be top notch. It needs to be engaging without being pushy, eye-catching without being too flashy, and above all, it just needs to work. That is why we need the existence of design blogs.

Three Case Studies of Infographic Success

Have you noticed all the infographics around? It seems like there is a new infographic every hour these days. Everybody, including businesses, is using infographics to communicate. Businesses are using infographics to connect with customers. Businesses are using infographics to describe certain situations that are causing pain or troubles for people. In the best cases…

Create a Sleek Coming Soon Page in Photoshop

There are various reasons why you may need to create a Coming Soon Page. You may want to start to have the domain indexed by the crawlers and fill in the white space with something that recalls your website launch; or start to spread the word about the service that you are going to offer,…

Creating Slick, Stylish and Scalable CSS3 Buttons

CSS3 is rapidly expanding the toolkit that web developers and designers have to make visually appealing components without the use of images, Photoshop, or CSS sprites. While all of those have their place, and will never be completely removed from the development process, buttons are one component of a website that we can make dynamic,…

UPrinting Giveaway: Print Your Own Custom Business Cards

A business card is the face of any business. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, you will need to have a quality and interesting designed business card. So get ready for some great custom business cards! Three (3) lucky readers will get 250 pcs of die cut business card printing courtesy of UPrinting.com….

Create a Responsive Web Design Template

The web is buzzing with responsive web designs right now. To have a single site that will change its styling accordingly to fit to the device it’s being viewed on. In this tutorial, I’m going to make a (very simple looking) web template that is responsive from desktop size down to mobile version.

Gain A Better Understanding of jQuery

I’ve run into dozens of designers who aren’t fully clear on what jQuery is. They know it’s cool, they know it’s useful, and they may have even followed some related tutorials, but they’re confused about what it really is. Is it something that comes with a browser? Is it a way of writing code? Is…