Beautiful Personal Photographs Used in Web Design

The web design industry is one where designers can be as creative as they like, within reason! Past trends have included websites with oversized logos or headers, grunge style look and feel, hand-drawn designs, collage designs, large typography, one page layouts, oversized footers…the list can go on!

Ecommerce Solutions for Websites: Paid, Open-Source, or Custom-made?

E-commerce is a growing commodity in web development, and any web developer can benefit from learning how to develop for a popular e-commerce solution. The majority of web development clients these days require or want some sort of solution for selling goods or services online. Furthermore, they want this solution to be easy for them…

Facebook Fan Page: 5 x MotoCMS Facebook Templates Giveaway

We are pleased to have MotoCMS provide us with 5 Flash templates from their new collection for 5 of our readers. The company recently launched a new line of the Flash CMS-based products – Facebook Layouts. And you have a great chance of winning one of five creative designs for your Facebook Fan Page. Each…

A Comprehensive Guide for Amateur Graphic Designers and Beginners

Hey are you an amateur graphic designer? Or are you are thinking to start your journey as a graphic designer. If yes then here are some milestones which you have to cross for adding the “Graphic Design” designation to your Bio. I have posted this article to share everything that I have learned to date,…

55 Apple Wallpapers For The Geeks

Apple is a very popular brand, especially amongst designers and tech geeks. iMacs, iPhones, MacBooks and iPads are all very popular carriers of the apple logo.

Showcasing Skills in Web Design

Portfolios are one of the best methods we have as designers to showcase our creative talents and imaginative muscles with code. Being able to portray your abilities in a way that will both captivate and intrigue your audience (potential clients) and future employers is therefore as important to your job hunting attitude as a resume….

47 Clean and High Quality Icon Packs for Designers

These days the web is filled with creative, amazing and beautiful icon sets, that can uplift any creative work to a high level. Icons are the most popular and downloaded freebies related to design. Designers and developers scour for these free treasures the most. The icons on websites or applications add details to the design,…

Photoshop Plug-in Giveaway: 3 x SG3xpress from MediaLab

We’re so excited to team up with Media Lab to be able to offer their new product – SG3xpress to Onextrapixel’s readers. This new product enables you to convert Photoshop designs to WordPress themes and fully functional blogs. Whether you’re designing a website, a blog, or a WordPress theme, Media Lab’s SiteGrinder plugin for Photoshop…

An In-depth Understanding of Character Encoding

Character encoding is not necessarily something many new web developers care about, or even understand. At first, it seems using and declaring proper character encoding is something we should do, but since we don’t see the immediate effect, we don’t always necessarily think it’s important. So what is character encoding anyway? Why should we as…

30 Breathtaking Infrared Photographs

Infrared photographs are images taken with film or image sensors sensitive to infrared light and the result of that is simply breath taking. With this film/sensor sensitive to infrared light, the camera captures light that is invisible to our eyes, creating really beautiful contrast and colors.