Freebie: Pixel Patterns for Transparencies in Photoshop

Freebie: Pixel Patterns for Transparencies in Photoshop

Transparency in web design is very popular these days. A transparent screen over an image makes a light or dark text stand out on a multi-colored photograph. Going a little further, designers are also using pixel patterns to create a mesh over the image. This is not a difficult process, even making the pattern for Photoshop is not complicated, but having a selection of such patterns is just another way of saving time in the middle of a high-pressure project or set of projects.

So today we have created a free pattern set with pixel patterns to give different levels of transparency and to add an extra dimension to darkening or lightening images.

Pixel Patterns

We start off by showing you the 20 patterns – these are shown at full size:


And here are some examples of the patterns used over images:

Patterns 1

Patterns 2

Patterns 3

Patterns 4

Patterns 5

Patterns 6

Patterns 7

Patterns 8

Patterns 9

Patterns 10

Free Download

Hopefully you will find this pattern set worth downloading, even if it only gives you ideas for your own patterns, free resources are an amazing source of inspiration. If you are one of those designers who likes to create everything from scratch, you still need to get inspired!

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