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  • Why a Good Hosting is Important For Your Freelance Career

    While opportunities abound, it can be remarkably difficult to begin a freelance career in almost any field online. The initial start-up is very hard work and usually requires the freelancer to spend as much time advertising as they are doing actual work. Which is why it is so incredibly important to have a high quality […]

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  • 30 Top Bestselling and Beautiful WordPress Templates For Any Industry

    If you are still among those who are sitting on the couch and dreaming of how the future will look, we need to disappoint you. The future has already come. Every single moment is the future. And with every second this future is becoming present and then past. So stop dreaming of space ships and […]

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  • How to Build Compelling and Powerful Startup Website

    Do you have any cool ideas that you want to implement in your business to spread its presence through the internet? The first essential step towards this will be a compelling and powerful startup website, but it is not an easy task to make a new website that is impressive enough to attract visitors. It […]

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  • WordPress Themes and Plugins Giveaway: 3 Platinum WPEka Club Plans

    Today, we have partnered with WPEka Club for a fabulous WordPress giveaway. We are giving away 3 X 1 year of Platinum WPEka Club Plans (worth $147 each) to our readers. The Platinum plans give you full access to all themes, plugins and premium WordPress tutorials. Read on to find out more about WPEka Club. […]

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  • Elements of Art in Web Design with Beautiful Examples

    There are many styles in web design, and many approaches that you can use to create a unique online project. Though, a truly great idea is to turn to art, its elements and principles. In this post, we will describe what these are and give inspiring examples of already existing web designs created with an […]

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