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  • Free Retro Patterns for Emotional Designs

    Today we will speak about emotional design, its definition, why it is so important to touch people’s feelings and how to make your design stir them. At the end of the blog post you will find a bunch of free beautiful retro patterns that will hopefully come in handy for your designs. Don’t want to […]

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  • The Best WooCommerce Themes On The Market

    This is a sponsored post. The WooCommerce themes listed here in many ways encompass all the capabilities you will ever need to create pages and displays that can be used for almost any business and be presented on virtually any device. Most of the themes include a set of features common to all, but each […]

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  • 15 Steps to Web Anonymity

    I love my followers. By engaging with so many, I feel I know some well enough to crash on their couch as I travel the world. Social media has brought the world closer together and with the internet, no one ever has to be alone… or can be alone. The medium of the internet is, […]

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  • Top 20 Online Tools Useful For Any Type of Web Developer

    This is a sponsored post. Nowadays, the internet has become such a big part of our lives it is hard to imagine a single, completely mundane day without it. Whether you’re using it for socializing or to keep up with the news, find information on stuff you’re interested in or advertise for your business, the […]

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  • 35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebars

    How long have you been beating your brains on how to make your sidebar more engaging? You must have faced the big problem of dull and boring sidebar designs. In this article, you will find a quick overview of the top sidebar characteristics. Moreover, we are giving you a great collection to fuel your creativity. […]

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