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  • How to Deal With Your Web Design Clients – Handling Extreme Cases

    The saying goes ‘The customer is always right’. However, many web design agencies (or any other service providers) interpret the meaning incorrectly. We, at Kinsta provide managed hosting services for WordPress based sites, but we were designing and developing WP sites for clients for 8 years before. We know how important clients are. Indeed, customers […]

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  • 100+ Free Web Resources That Are Bringing Sexy Back!

    This is a sponsored post. Why will every Web Designer and Developer love this? Because this is a Pandora’s box of freebies! You have the skill, knowledge and creativity. We give you the resources. Yes - for free! Your search for templates, textures and even widgets to make attractive websites stops here. We have collaborated […]

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  • How to Master WordPress – Helpful Tutorials for Beginners

    How do you start with WordPress? How so you master it properly and become an experienced user? Where do you find professional WordPress tutorials that will answer all your questions? This post will come in handy for all of you who have asked any of the above questions. A compilation of WordPress tutorials is a […]

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  • How to Improve WordPress Site Performance For Beginners

    You want your site to perform great for all sorts of reasons, such as search engine optimization benefits, top-notch usability, common sense… , just to name a few. WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) to use, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can overload it before you know it. This […]

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  • 8 Essential Rules of Logo Redesign

    Redesigning your logo is one of the best ways to ‘reinvent’ a brand, but it’s also one of the most risky. Change has the potential to alienate customers as well as attracting new ones. Even the most design savvy of corporations can get it wrong, earning a merciless helping of criticism from the design community. […]

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