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  • Innovation Marketing Strategies to Catapult Your Business to New Heights

    Every year, more than half a million businesses are launched per month in the U.S. alone. Or to put it it another way, 320 startups appear for every 100,000 adult Americans. The less invigorating shadow-metric that accompanies these potentially encouraging numbers: 3 out of 4 of those concerns will go belly up before a brand’s […]

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  • Adjector.js: A Minimal and Elegant Content Flipper

    CSS3 has opened a whole new world for designers and developers to not only add ‘stand-out’ content to their websites but also to make it talk to the user. In this tutorial I’ll help you add one such snippet to your own website. Adjector.js is a flexible, minimal and elegant content flipper/rotator which takes only […]

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  • Creative Self Promotion – Infographic-Style Curriculum Vitaes

    It is believed that a potential employer needs only 6 seconds on average in order to make the initial decision on a competitor, so your resume – the first thing that catches his eye - will either help you to pass this small test or vice versa will ruin everything. Care taken about a simple […]

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  • The Effective Use of 3D Elements in Web Design

    With the current, huge trend of flat design, we don't see so many 3D elements used in web design these days. Perhaps you can take the creativity out of design, but it is difficult to take the creativity out of the designer, and flat design doesn't offer many opportunities for amazing creativity, so we are […]

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  • 55 Beautiful and Functional Flat WordPress Themes

    Flat is trending hot in web design and there are many designers and bloggers who want a flat style website or blog. Since a lot of them are WordPress lovers, they are on the lookout for flat WordPress themes. So, what is it that makes flat such a fever with the WordPress community? Well, like […]

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