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  • 55 Beautiful and Functional Flat WordPress Themes

    Flat is trending hot in web design and there are many designers and bloggers who want a flat style website or blog. Since a lot of them are WordPress lovers, they are on the lookout for flat WordPress themes. So, what is it that makes flat such a fever with the WordPress community? Well, like […]

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  • Examples of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) in Web Design

    SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images offer web designers a flexibility with imagery they have not previously known. Now compatible with all current web browsers and most mobile device platforms, here is another technique that is threatening the popularity of Flash. SVG images are small in file size and they scale pretty much to any size […]

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  • Bold, Creative Lettering in Logo Design

    Logo designs come in many forms, and one of my favourites is the use of unusual, interesting type. The lettering that’s used for a logo design can have a huge impact on the way the final design feels, and the personality that it carries with it. The same word written with a chunky, rounded type […]

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  • 10 Inspiring Articles on Sports Photography to Shoot Like a Pro

    Skills, emotions, and action are the things we look for in a good sports photograph. But with sportsmen in constant motion it’s a challenge for a photographer to capture a truly great shot. Various cameras and lenses are needed depending on the situation for the sports being covered properly. Right timing and angle in addition […]

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  • Prim Corporate Web Design Style – Is it Good for my Business?

    Do you know the proverb: “Plenty is no plague”? How is it connected to today’s topic? The author begs your pardon for her passion for proverbs, idioms and metaphors, but some of them contain the quintessence of human intelligence and, as you know, “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”. To put these bombastic sentences […]

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