Effective, Eye Catching Black on White Logos

Logo design is an art on it’s own, and restricting yourself to one color makes it even more creative. Using black on white has one obvious advantage: it works on all media – internet, print and everything else. Black on white seems to also be where we find the most use of negative space in logo design.

Well designed black on white logo designs are high impact and instantly recognizable – the most well known of which is probably the WWF’s panda logo. Black on white also works very well with flat design and minimal design. Here are a selection of effective black on white logos for your inspiration.

Black on White Logo Examples

Ark | Cambridge Philharmonic | Artistri
Ark/Cambridge Philharmonic/Artistri

Form | SushiRoom | FarmGeek

North News | Banshee Cinema | Mike Wren
North News/Banshee Cinema/Mike Wren

Mimika | Electric Bird | Nine Labs
Mimika/Electric Bird/Nine Labs

Froschkonig | Ocean Care | Geek Prime
Froschkonig/Ocean Care/Geek Prime

Ninth Symphony | The Black Sea Food Co | Wessy
Ninth Symphony/The Black Sea Food Co/Wessy

Royal Print House | Channelside Records | FatYaks
Royal Print House/Channelside Records/FatYaks

Century | EMD Diamonds | Rogues Gallery
Century/EMD Diamonds/Rogues Gallery

763 | Shift | Writer

Edn | Secret of Fashion | J. Michael Images
Edn/Secret of Fashion/J. Michael Images

Jurassic Wine | Charitable Filmmaking | Silverback Clothing
Jurassic Wine/Charitable Filmmaking/Silverback Clothing

Neg Dog | Fahrenheit 451 | Falcon Express
Neg Dog/Fahrenheit 451/Falcon Express

The VIP Club | Eco Frog | Forestal
The VIP Club/Eco Frog/Forestal

Fashion Law Institute | Lexus | WWF
Fashion Law Institute/Lexus/WWF


Hopefully you have been inspired by these logos, and you agree that they are very well designed and very creative.

Which was your favorite? Have you come across any black on white logos that you think should have made this list? Please share your opinions and links in the section below.

Carol is a blogger and Photoshop enthusiast. She enjoys surfing the net in search of outstanding art, design and photography, and enjoys nothing better than sharing her discoveries through article writing.

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