Comic #9: Different Professionals’ Behavior During The World Cup Tournament

The FIFA World Cup Tournament is an iconic football event in the world and millions look forward to it. This year the FIFA World Cup is the 20th time the world has seen this event, which is currently taking place at several venues across Brazil.

During the World Cup period, it's not only the footballers and fans that are affected by it. There are other professionals that have to catch onto World Cup fever and could behave a little differently during this period. Let us now take a look into these possible strange behaviors.

The Behavior of Professionals During The World Cup

Different Professionals Behavior During World Cup

About The Illustrator

Ric Baker is a seasoned Cartoonist from 'Dogs On Vinyl'. The Cartoon/Graphic Design studio that he co-runs with his long time college buddy Joanna Beer. For over twenty years the two hapless designers have traversed the design/cartoon industry looking for work, challenges and visually engaging projects to bring in the coin and keep the wolf from the door.

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