Comic #8: 7 Sins of a Web Designer

Everyone has committed a sin before. Whether it's big or small, a sin should be not be repeated and should be avoided at all costs. Web designers are not spared from sins either. While the sins of web designers might not be grave, it's still something that affects designers and the people around them.

Today, let's reveal the 7 sins of a web designer that are related to their profession. Are you guilty of committing some of the mentioned sins below? Well, if you have a confession to make. This is a good time!

Lust – When you see something so offensive in design, you are forced to offer to redesign it for a price. Designs must be pixel accurate and emotionally perfect for you.

Wrath – Always cursing about clients, web developers and people who don’t understand the complexity of your work and when people touch your screen!

Sloth – Refuses to learn any other skills, specifically coding and only uses Photoshop as the software for all design work.

Envy – Derives inspiration from other web designers' work just by changing the fonts and colors of the original work. Anyway, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Gluttony - Over use of the font Helvetica, as the best creation known to man, because it’s the only font every non-designer knows.

Greed – Keeps buying Apple products again and again, owns more than 2 computers, purchases design books and items that you will never read or use just because of the beautiful packaging or just that the top designers are using them but has never paid for Photoshop.

Pride – Uncompromising philosophy – “If you think it’s that simple, then do it yourself.” You will never design for free or cheap, forever and ever, and scorn at designers who devalue the community by doing that.

7 Sins of a Web Designer

Comic #8: 7 Sins of a Web Designer

About The Illustrator

Ric Baker is a seasoned Cartoonist from 'Dogs On Vinyl'. The Cartoon/Graphic Design studio that he co-runs with his long time college buddy Joanna Beer. For over twenty years the two hapless designers have traversed the design/cartoon industry looking for work, challenges and visually engaging projects to bring in the coin and keep the wolf from the door.

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