Comic #7: How to Spot an Airy Designer

Have you encountered any weird designers before? There are many designers with unique styles and different philosophies on dealing with their trade. It is different strokes for different folks. While we consider some as pure geniuses, others just can't cut the mustard.

So how can you identify a certain type of designer? In this case, we are referring to an "Airy" designer. Airy may be described as lofty; nose in the air, snobbish or nonchalant; superficial. Below are some of the tell-tales signs on how to spot an airy designer and try to avoid them!

How to Spot an Airy Designer

Comic #7: How to Spot an Airy Designer

About The Illustrator

Ric Baker is a seasoned Cartoonist from 'Dogs On Vinyl'. The Cartoon/Graphic Design studio that he co-runs with his long time college buddy Joanna Beer. For over twenty years the two hapless designers have traversed the design/cartoon industry looking for work, challenges and visually engaging projects to bring in the coin and keep the wolf from the door.

You can check out their website: Dogs On Vinyl or Facebook Page for further samples or to contact them for all/any of your cartoon/design needs.

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