Comic #6: The Perfect SEO Expert Workstation

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts, consultants, specialists, etc, or whatever they call themselves, have seen success in internet marketing. Though SEO may not seem like rocket science to many, often many SEO practitioners tend to want clients to perceive them as masters of the web, helping them with sophisticated and complex tasks.

An SEO expert needs to have a great workstation with powerful tools in order to edge or rank higher than his competitor. But what's the difference between a perfect SEO expert's work station and a perfect designer's workstation? Well, we have come up with a set of items and tools that we think any SEO guys would drool and fight over to have on their workstation.

This workstation may be perfect for SEO practitioners but it does not guarantee instant success. We still hope anyone who is doing search engine optimization, practices clean and quality methods in order to make the web a better place.

The Perfect SEO Expert Workstation

Comic #6: The Perfect SEO Expert Workstation

About The Illustrator

Vanessa Medina, aka Vanesaurus, is a graphic artist and and illustrator at Imp Designers. When she is not drawing, she will be playing some multiplayer online game, chasing her cat, or travelling around the world.

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