Comic #10: Life is Calling… Where Are You?

In our quest for ‘a-perfect-life’ we often forget that in the process of following our real pursuits, we are often wasting precious moments of our lives. Yes, we are talking about those precious priceless moments that go in vain waiting for us…

How often do we realize that while we are busy earning big bucks for our family’s happiness, and are gaining immense satisfaction from our heavy pay packets, and life is giving us much satisfaction financially, it is also adding a good amount of guilt to us emotionally.

Our ambitious nature forces us to work like slaves. And every day we return home after hours of endless work only to realize, that while you were away, your child spoke his first word; or your daughter came first in the sports day relay or even how much your kids waited for you at the dinner table before dozing off to sleep.

And it’s not just your home that feels compromised of your time. Your friends too miss you when you are unable to make it to your best friend’s bachelors or hen nights. They miss you the most when they meet up for those small coffee breaks.

Our companies keep boasting of their employee management policies, but they often fail when it comes to laying directives of ensuring work-life balance. They offer us great perks, but also make it a mandate to achieve your TARGETS.

And this chase doesn't end on Fridays. It goes on to ruin all our weekends, where despite being on official off-time, we are busy penalizing/rewarding ourselves by over performing. Have you ever noticed that on weekends, you end up sleeping less soundly than you sleep on a weekday? Well, believe it or not, your guilt or ambitious nature is pulling you back from enjoying life. It is in all its capacity forcing you to work hard… It is forcing you to pull back from life… From where you always wanted to be.

And once again, Ask yourself… When your life is calling… Where are you?!

Life is Calling… Where Are You?

Comic #10: Life is Calling… Where Are You?

About The Illustrator

Amit Sharma (AS) is an astute professional with qualitative and cross-functional experience in website design & development with reputed organizations. He keeps digging out new innovative ideas in various IT streams by maintaining an entrepreneurial approach towards life as a part of his self-development initiative.

You can check out his profile at Behance or Linkedin to connect with him.

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