Celebrate An Auspicious Lunar New Year with Prizes worth $3000+

Celebrate An Auspicious Lunar New Year with Prizes worth $3000+

The time has come for yet another exciting lunar new year and today Onextrapixel is happy to share the joy with our readers on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year – often called Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese culture and is celebrated by Chinese people around the world. We would like to use this happy festive occasion to share with our readers, fellow designers and developers with prizes provided by our kind sponsors.

Celebrate An Auspicious Lunar New Year with Prizes worth $3000+

A Festive Giveaway – Prizes Worth More than $3000

1. Apple iPad


Celebrate An Auspicious Lunar New Year with Prizes worth $3000+About: The Apple iPad is a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content.
Sponsored by: Onextrapixel

2. Pixmac


Prize: 3 x Photo stock subscription packs each worth $199 (total 750 credits), one month access.
About: Pixmac is a reliable microstock agency which sells Stock photos and vector illustrations for all your print advertising and website needs with over 10 million pictures.
Website: Pixmac

3. ElegantThemes


Prize: 2 x ElegantThemes full membership worth $39 each (one year unlimited access)
About: ElegantThemes is one of the most popular WordPress theme providers in the premium WordPress theme business.
Website: ElegantThemes

4. CrazyDog Tshirts


Prize: 2 x Gift Card value at $20 each
About: Crazy Dog T-shirts is the number one source online for funny t shirts and vintage shirts that help you stand out and get noticed.
Website: Crazy Dog T-shirts

5. Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes

Prize: 3 x Mojo Themes accounts with $50 credits each
About: Mojo themes allows the buying and selling of premium themes, templates and plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Tumblr and more on the MOJO Themes marketplace.
Website: Mojo Themes



Prize: 5 x selected Single License themes worth $69 each
About: WPZOOM provide top quality WordPress Themes at amazing prices and with excellent support.
Website: WPZOOM

7. Stickermule


Prize: 1 x Free $100 order and $25 Coupon Code (OXP 25) for all Onextrapixel’s readers
About: Sticker Mule prints custom vinyl stickers and laptop skins. They also fix artwork problems for free and provide free shipping to anywhere in the US.
Website: StickerMule

8. IconShock


Prize: 5 x WordPressThemeShock shock bundle licenses ($69 each) and 3 x IconShock icons bundle licenses.
(Each bundle include all icon sets in one design style excluding subscription, entire collection and vector bundle)
About: Iconshock is one of the biggest icon design company’s with more than 900,000 stock icons in more than 250 icon sets.
Website: IconShock

How to Win?

Simply comment on this post and indicate which prizes you want to win with a reason and how you got to know about this giveaway. Please remember to also indicate the specific theme or icons set if your choice falls under the respective prize section.

Winners will be chosen randomly from the comments, so please enter your real name and a valid email address. To increase your chance of winning, simply share and tweet this giveaway.

Alternatively, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep updated on future giveaways.

This competition will be open until 7th February 2011. Winners will be announced on this article and will be contacted via email.

Good luck and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Here Are The Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the lucky winners for the above giveaways. They are:

1. Apple iPad

  • Angela Quek

2. Pixmac

  • Jackie
  • Tara Geter
  • Arturo

3. ElegantThemes

  • Oridusartic
  • Sonali Agrawal

4. CrazyDog Tshirts

  • Joe Howard
  • Yari

5. Mojo Themes

  • Elena
  • Jorge Alves
  • Casey Fox


  • Arlen nagata
  • Marko Dj
  • Gonzo the Great
  • Cliff Seal
  • suki soo

7. Stickermule

  • Ester Liquori

8. IconShock

WordPressThemeShock Shock Bundle Licenses

  • S. Sharp
  • Rachel
  • James
  • Kurtis
  • Andrew Davidson

IconShock Icons Bundle Licenses

  • Graham
  • Alex Toth
  • Izabela Kurkiewicz

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsors in the next few working days, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers, developers and many others.


    • Bhavik,
    • February 2, 2011

    Love onextrapixel…thak u very much for such beautiful gifts and offers..!! i like i like!!

  1. /

    I’d to like to win ipad, because i’m big fan of your site and ipad. And now i don’t own any ipad or apple products, i’d like to get experience on ipad. I had come to know by twitter about this giveaway.

  2. /

    I would love an iPad(who wouldn’t), but the stock photos and Wp themes are always welcome.

    Thanks. Love getting these things in my RSS feed. :)

    • Marko Dj.,
    • February 2, 2011

    An iPad would be nice ofcourse, but wp theme is cool too :)

    Thanks, I saw this on OXP facebook fan page.

  3. /

    The Apple iPad No doubt.
    Iam a designer and I browse a lot so I need internet+big screen to carry around Like a phone 24/7.

    Reached here via Onextrapixel fans page

    • Jayraj Bhatta,
    • February 2, 2011

    I’d like to have iPad, because I don’t have much experience with it and want to become iPad Savvy . I’ve found this in twitter.

  4. /

    I would like to have an iPad because it’s new technology for me and I want to try it. Moreover, I am a developer/programmer and would like to develop some ipad applications as well :)

  5. /

    I would like to win: an iPad. In second place, the CrazyDogs t-shirts.

    • Rana Mukherjee,
    • February 2, 2011

    I don’t know what to decide,cause the Chinese Lunar Year has brought us a golden opportunity to get some remembering gifts from my our beloved OXP.I don’t think I am worth of an ipad though i dearly like ipad ,lol. I like to have the subscription from ‘crazydog’ t-shirt and want one royal blue and jazzy orange colored t-shirts.


    • Liam Hammett,
    • February 2, 2011

    I would love to win the iPad as I have recently became a big fan of Apple and could use an iPad to test my designs, and as a tablet. I would be very happy with the icons as well though, I love using them!

    And thanks for going through the effort of making this contest :D

    • Kiyan,
    • February 2, 2011

    Simply superb giveaway.Hat’s off for Chinese Lunar Year.Surely guys I want an ipad,as a web developer I think I must carry an Ipad as I need to meet my clients requirements from anywhere in the world and Ipad will help me through it’s super apps.I am holding my breath for the Ipad…

  6. /

    All these prizes look fantastic. would love to win any of them.
    Great giveaway guys

  7. /

    I want to win the iPad so I can improve my web design and graphic design skills and works, keeping it as an improvement for web-design layout that works on it that I can regulary check, keeping it for magnificent wallpapers that I will do, for constucting an app that will show my portfolio whenever I’ll go so I will get a lot more of clients and so on!
    I found this useful, hopeful giveaway on twitter and sure I’ll re-tweet the original message!
    Thank you for the opportunity

  8. /

    WAW! Onextrapixel is awesome!
    I want the iPad or the WPZoom license or the Elegant Themes membership. :)

    • bibhuti shrestha,
    • February 2, 2011

    I would like to win an ipad :)

    • bibhuti shrestha,
    • February 2, 2011

    i would like to win an ipad.

  9. /

    Hi, as a freelance designer, I surely need high quality device in my everyday work and that’s why iPad is the perfect choice to have. I imagine how easy my work process will become with it as I believe tons of tasks will be easier to do with the help of it.

    Alternatively, a free account of Pixmac is also wonderful.

    Found this giveaway on Twitter as I am already following OneExtraPixel on Twitter and this is truly such a great way to start the new year. Congratulations on the OneExtraPixel team for bringing this up.

  10. /

    The iPad would be lovely for my work as a designer, coder, photographer and iOS-developer. Being able to show my portfolio for friends, customers and employers in just some hand gestures would make my life so much easier!

    I want one, but I don’t have the money for it at the moment. So I’m signing up for the contest!

    I found this giveaway through @onextrapixel on twitter. :)

    • Garth,
    • February 2, 2011


    I happen to know about this giveaway from putting the keyword “lunar new year” into Google search engine. An iPad certainly would be very fine for me. Other prizes that I find suit me quite well are elegantthemes subscription, and technologic premium WordPress theme from wpzoom.

    Thank you!

    • Darko Dinic,
    • February 2, 2011

    Happy chinese lunar year!
    Heureux Nouvel An lunaire chinois!
    Felice nuovo anno lunare cinese!
    Srećna kineska lunarna godina!

    Sorry for my bad chinese, I used google translate for it :)
    But if I win Apple iPad I promise I will learn it…
    So if you choose me as winner not only that I will become reacher for Apple iPad, I will acquire some decent knowledge of chinese :) … and OXTP can expect “How I won an Apple iPad” written in chinese and translated to english… I will be satsified with any prize, main prize you gived to us is an opportunity to enrich our knowledge with every single day with you.

    Many Thanks to sponsors for giving us this great opportunity!
    Long Live OXTP!

    • kenshin,
    • February 2, 2011

    Would be nice to win the iPad. I would like to have it for testing my applications. I’ve found about this giveaway directly on your website.

    • ryan,
    • February 2, 2011

    I’d love to win the ipad, would enjoy the crazydog gift card, could use the pixmac subscription, and definitely could play with the sticker mule discount. Thanks!

    • Garth,
    • February 2, 2011

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=150987938289044&id=100001158931027. On the second thought, I find that winning WordPressThemeShock bundle would also be great.

  11. /

    I’d like to win the gift card value from Crazy Dog T-shirts since I destroyed 2 of mine yesterday in the laundry machine :D I knew about this entry because I’m subscribed via rss to the blog…



  12. /

    I would absolutely love to win the Ipad.

    I found out about the competition via Facebook, and I have also tweeted about it :)

    Good luck everyone!


  13. /

    If I had to choose I would say: 1. iPad 2. Crazy Dog T-shirt 3. Sticker Mule. Yeah!!!!

    • Michal,
    • February 2, 2011

    I would like to win Pixmac Photo stock subscription and use photos in my projects

  14. /

    All prizes are very welcome because all of it are awesome!! but i love the ipad! yeah!
    i found this entry to my email because i subscribed into this blog,. =)
    Good Luck everyone!

    Lee Agosila

  15. /


    First up – Great giveaway. Kudos! I came to know about it in the eMail Newsletter that I am subscribed to.

    I would really appreciate an iPad as I think that would help my Parents learn the Internet and learn how to eMail Me and Share Photos (which I am trying to get them to) on this amazing Gadget. Something I really am looking forward to :)

    In-case I do not get lucky for the biggie – a SickerMule Order can also be a blessing in disguise. I could help me market my work to the audience I wish to!

  16. /

    Not a small giveaway. Appreciate the shot!

    I would really like the iPad. It would make for the perfect coffee table device.


    • David Hnátay,
    • February 2, 2011

    I´d like to win iPad like everyone :) … I find your competition via your RSS ..

    Your site is da best !!!

    • RvK,
    • February 2, 2011

    I would like the iPad, that is awesome. My second one is the Pixmac Subcription.

    I heard about it when I looked to this site, it is one of the best designblogs!

  17. /

    Well like everyone else here, I would like to win the iPad. Being a freelance designer and tech blogger, it will provide me the flexibility to blog, tweet, use aps and get inspiration while on the move. Since I have to make client visits often and all Indian clients still do not have ready access to internet, having the iPad will give me an opportunity to showcase my work portfolio and also let them know the work progress. Apart from iPad coming to handy for my work, it will also add a little fun to life.

    If luck does not end up in my favor, which sadly happens often, I would like to win one of the eleganth theme or wpzoom licenses.

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway. And I found your site via one of the other design sites.

  18. /

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    I get to know this competition via feed from Topic Fire.

    I would like to win an iPad too! It’s a great tool for web development as well. :D

  19. /

    I’d like the iPad or the WPZoom license or the Elegant Themes membership.
    Find out through email subscription :-)

  20. /

    Well, A great Lunar Year to all readers and OXP!!

    Ipad for sure would be a great prize, but also pixmac subscription! I’m a web & app developer, so ipad would be great to be my primary development platform on tablet’s market and also to showcase my app’s on clients meetings. The pixmac subscription would be also cool to get some high quality pictures to my works.

    About the contest, i’m a daily reader of OXP feed, so this giveaway went directly to my mailbox ;)

  21. /

    I would love to win any of them, really – they are all great prizes! heard about it in my in-box – subscriber :) Now off to spreading the word and TW/FB this!

  22. /

    i want the ipad! i want to try it. ♥ btw, i am an email subscriber of onextrapixel. ;)

  23. /

    Onextrapixel is awesome! Great Giveaway!

    Of course I want the iPad, iPad absolutely will be a great for anywhere!!!
    iPad would become a critical part in my future mobility, free to go anywhere,
    and create anywhere, access information anywhere, and transmit that information anywhere. (News,web, music, work and etc)
    Extremely versatile device, would love to have it.:D

    Alternatively the Picmax or the Elegant Themes membership are always welcome :)

    About the contest. I found on twitter ,Facebook and already subscribed to your RSS.

    Hope for the best.

  24. /

    I, as I am sure everybody else wants the iPad :)
    The IconShock bundle also looks very cool.
    I heard about the competition on twitter (I am a follower)

    • Vince,
    • February 2, 2011

    The iPad–I figure no one else will go for that one…

    Heard about this via your RSS feed.

    • Aidan,
    • February 2, 2011

    Dear readers,

    We wish to highlight that once you have leave a comment on this post, you will be automatically eligible for the iPad grand prize.

    Please let us know what are the other prizes that you would like to win.

    Thank you and keep the comments coming.

    • Jorge,
    • February 2, 2011

    Wow, amazing giveaway! I really appreciate OXP for giving us the chance to win something. I will share this with my friends for them to win something too!

    OXP always have good quality articles written by a variety of great writers and I have learnt a lot of this blog.

    I hope blog content will stay free long enough…thanks!

  25. /

    I’d like an iPad because I’ve heard so many great things about them.
    An ElegentTheme would also be pretty great. They have tons of high quality themes including Anticipate (under construction type theme)

    • Gareth Leong,
    • February 3, 2011

    Happy Chinese New Year! As a Chinese myself, I am excited to take part in this contest! I hope I will win the iPad as well as a icon shock license!

    Life has been a turning point for me and I will love to change it around this year with some of these freebies!

    恭喜发财! 新年快乐!

    • Pavelin,
    • February 3, 2011

    Yeah, taxi is here. Yeah.

  26. /

    Hey Guys,

    I want the iPad, because I work with internet (front-end) and social media, so this gadget is basically the thing that I want, to help me doing my works well.

    I just shared this Giveaway in Google Reader and Twitter.


  27. /

    Knowing the iPad life won’t be mine (territorial restrictions), at least I need it because I don’t have the reader of ebooks. :/

    I want to win the subscription in elegant themes, because it is excellent investment.

    I am also considering these 2 options, in addition winning templates of web pages seems most real to me for catching:)

    Nice giveaway. Thanks

    • Jackie,
    • February 3, 2011

    Happy New Year, good opportunity to think positively about the future.
    I’d like the subscription to PixMac because… well, I myself don’t have the ‘art’ gene.

    Best to oneextrapixel and thanks for all the inspiration.

    And for quizzing us on our arithmetic facts w/the spam protection too.

    • Tom,
    • February 3, 2011

    I could really use the ipad too. I’m jumping into Iphone game design. Well trying to. I’m developing the design and front end for it but don’t have any way of testing it :).

    I found out about your site a while back and have been a loyal follower for a year or so. I follow your RSS connect with google/ig

    I could always us any of the Theme developing licenses as well.


    Love the site! I frequent it often… keep up the awesome work

    • Micah,
    • February 3, 2011

    iPad would be awesome especially for web development testing out media queries. I still am not up to date with technology so using this would help my business!

    I follow your RSS feed so that’s how I found out about this contest.

    • Amanda,
    • February 3, 2011

    On a snowy day like today, I’d love to be sitting in a Starbucks sipping hot chocolate and playing Angry Birds on my new ipad…I’m just saying that would be awesome. Some WP themes would be great too.

    • Indra Lampe,
    • February 3, 2011

    Happy New Year! What a great way to start the new year. I would really really like the iPad! It has been on top of my wish list for a while now. I want to develop apps/ sites for the iPad. The Pixmax or Elegant Themes subscription would be great too.

    Oh forgot to mention. I’m subscribed to the RSS feed.

    • Elena,
    • February 3, 2011

    Would love the iPad, simply because I don’t have one :). If not, the Pixmac or the WP themes would be great as well.
    Thank you and keep doing a great job!

  28. /

    Mojo Themes!
    Heard on twitter on DesignerDepot feed

    Our friends at Onextrapixel are hosting a great giveaway, check it out: http://ow.ly/3P1HG

    • Bala,
    • February 3, 2011

    Happy New Year. I need ipad. Well the reason is simple. I work of mobile apps and i’m still to lay my hands on ipad. Still doesn’t fit the pocket. :)

    • Camille Penny,
    • February 3, 2011

    The iPad would be awesome so I could gain some experience with it – I’d really like to experiment with more app designing and designing sites for mobile devices. But of course, stock photos and vectors are always nice too.

    I landed here through twitter, by the way.

  29. /

    Who don’t want to win an iPad? I want to win it as it almost an year since it launched and I still didn’t have an opportunity to feel Apple’s magic.

    BTW. Pixmac subscription is cool to!

  30. /

    Oh, the iPad. I found this giveaway for I go to oneextrapixel daily to read.


    • Marc,
    • February 3, 2011

    Hate to admit it, but I’d love the iPad. WP themes are always great to have too, but I really would like to play with an iPad and have one for toting around my portfolio.

    Cheers, and happy Lunar New Year!

  31. /

    Great contest guys, i like to win Apple iPad. Every now and then, the very best information originate from the sources a person would not expect. Recently, I decided not to give quite much thought to placing comments on blog page entries and have left responses even less. Checking out your positive blog post, is going to help me to do this often.

  32. /

    Wow. I would love to win the iPad because I don’t currently own one and also because I really want one. My 2nd choice would be either the Elegant themes prize or the IconShock prize because both would offer design tool that I currently don’t enjoy. Thanks!

    • Diana,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would really like an ipad because my parents said I cant have a phone and I don’t have a laptop so the ipad would help me to research or figure stuff out when Im not at home and Im always waiting somewhere either to be picked up or to do something I could relieve the waiting and unpatientness that comes upon me I would really love to have an ipad

  33. /

    I would love to win an iPad because I was recently hired for my first job out of college as a Jr. Designer. My company specializes in healthcare applications, so having an iPad would help me get familiar with the UI and UX of the apps we develop!

    • Andrian,
    • February 3, 2011

    I know it’s the greatest thing of this century, but I do not think I can afford to buy an iPad in near future. I just wish I had one.
    i need iPad

  34. /

    I would love to win the Apple iPad as I am a college student majoring in graphic design. I am always on the go and cannot afford one! I saw this offer on Twitter tweeted by DesignerDepot.

    • Iris,
    • February 3, 2011


    I saw an announcement of this competition on twitter (DesignerDepot)

    I’d like to win the Apple iPad because it is slick and slender like me! :-)

    • Renee,
    • February 3, 2011

    Wow, great giveaway! I’m not exaggerating when I say it would be life changing as a underpaid graphic-designer to win an iPad. I want an Apple product so much! I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone for Christmas but I’m locked into my cellular contract for another year an can’t afford the termination fees and the new phone :( The Crazy Dog t-shirts and StickerMule prizes would also be great, and could be used for fun thank you gifts for my clients.

    Forgot, I found the contest from a Tweet by DesignerDepot

  35. /

    As a digital marketing entrepreneur and recent college graduate, I could REALLY use the Pixmac subscription for client’s ad campaigns; the iPad (of course) so that I can get more mobile with my business and save on shoulder pains from lugging a laptop; and the Stickermule bundle because I’ve had my eye on a computer and phone skin that would advertise my new business :)


    P.S., there’s a typo under the Stickermule section (“Sickermule”)

      • Aidan,
      • February 3, 2011

      Hi Tara, thanks for pointing that out. We have amended the typo. Cheers.

    • Louis,
    • February 3, 2011

    The iPad sounds like an amazing prize, just to state the Obvious. I’d love reading the site updates on that then squinting on my tiny iPod touch screen. Failing that the Stickermule vouchers seems pretty good, so does the site.

  36. /

    I would love the ipad because I travel a lot and it would come in soooo handy, I also want to learn all about designing for the ipad, it would work much better if I had one to test on :)

    I found the contest from a Tweet by DesignerDepot

    • mary,
    • February 3, 2011

    iPad of course, but I think I could manage a little fun with StickerMule too. I follow your site in Google Reader which is how I found out about this great giveaway.

  37. /

    I’d like to win an iPad (I know, everybody would). I really want to experience some Apple technology.
    IconShock icons in Super Vista style would also be great. Good icons always make a design more professional.
    Thanks OXP for this giveaway.

  38. /

    I would LOVE an iPad! It would be great for sketching ideas on the go, and having the ability to sync everything with my iMac at home.

    Thanks goes to Designer Depot for tweeting about this.

  39. /

    I would love the iPad because everyone wants an iPad…
    And most especially the Stickermule giveaway, because I’m about to send out mailers that require stickers and I have yet to make/order any!

  40. /

    Oh yea, and I heard about this because I’m on your email list! Yay!

  41. /

    Happy Chinese New Year, Team OXP! Gimme that iPad! :D

  42. /

    I would love the Crazy Dog shirts because… well people would look at me funny at the mall if I didn’t have a shirt on. I found out about this contest via twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DesignerDepot/status/32862388243922944

    • David,
    • February 3, 2011

    I definitely would like to win the iPad – I do a lot of mobile development so this would be a perfect prize for me, as well as being a very useful tool to carry around and showcase work on. Thanks Onextrapixel for the RSS feed telling me about the prize giveaway!

  43. /

    The iPad rocks. What an amazing prize! I found out about the giveaway through a tweet from Web Designer Depot.

  44. /

    iPad, iPad and only iPad!!! (See how focused I am :) )
    Want it to have the world of web on my hands any time and every time. Also would use it as my prime productivity device.

    • Kellogs,
    • February 3, 2011

    I want t-shirts!

    I found the contest from a Tweet by DesignerDepot.

    • Manuel,
    • February 3, 2011

    I love to win an iPad, i always want it since the time it came out, i never win in this contests but who knows maybe this is my lucky year.

    Saludos desde Tlaxcala México!!

    • Darwin S,
    • February 3, 2011

    I want to win the I-pad of course. saw this on WDD.

    • Jay,
    • February 3, 2011

    Either 1, 3, 5 or 6 – mostly because I need themes. But an iPad wouldn’t hurt!

    • Cindy R,
    • February 3, 2011

    Woohoo! I sooo would love the I pad. It would be a great portable device to use to show my designs.

    • Saul Munoz,
    • February 3, 2011

    Give me the Ipad. I need it real bad. Saw it on twitter.

    • Alex Ayala,
    • February 3, 2011

    Holy moly an I pad would be Awwwwsome.

    • Jonathan Burg,
    • February 3, 2011

    HEck yeah.. Ipad me up right now!! Designer Depot Twitter.

  45. /

    I’m a web developer and develop sites all day long but sadly I can never check the design on an iPad as I’ve never used one nevermind got one… So I’d love to win the iPad please! Thanks also to WDDepot for twittering about this comp!

    • Chris,
    • February 3, 2011

    Would love to win credit at Mojo themes. Found this contest via a tweet from Inspired Magazine

  46. /

    For obvious reasons, the iPad would be my first choice ;)

    Aside from that one thing I’d find particularly useful is the Stickermule vouchers or any of the wordpress theme bundles – I’m looking at getting some custom die-cut stickers done with my logo on and that would be perfect. And who doesn’t like any more wordpress themes to add to their collections? :)

    • Luiz Celestino,
    • February 3, 2011

    Hello guys,

    I am an Onextrapixel RSS reader. An iPad definily would be fine for me, or WordPress theme too.

    Thank you!

    • Jen,
    • February 3, 2011

    I’m an RSS subscriber. An iPad would work for me, or one of those wordpress theme sites.
    The 10 year anniversary for my blog is coming up this year and this would be a great gift for me!

    • DennisMore,
    • February 3, 2011

    I love everything about apple, this computers, devices, operating system, and a very large etcs… obviously the ipad is perfect to me, because in a small size i have a lot of things to do.

    • Jessica Hardy,
    • February 3, 2011

    Hi, I would love to win an iPad and also some WP themes from either theme providers. I am currently teaching web design in a design school and having either of the mentioned prizes would really benefits me and my students.

    Thank you OXP for making our dreams come true!

  47. /

    An iPad that I can gift to my hubby as valentine gift.

    If not an iPad, then elegant theme membership. I visit this website everyday and that’s how I got to know about this giveaway.

    • Henrik,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would love to win an iPad! The other prizes are amazing as well.
    Cheers Onextrapixel!

    almost forgot! I had heard about this giveaway through @onextrapixel on Twitter — and if I didn’t get the iPad, the StickerMule prize would be nice too!

    (there’s a small typo, you missed the ‘t’ in 7. StickerMule)

    Cheers again!

      • Aidan,
      • February 3, 2011

      Hi Henrik, thanks for pointing that out. We have amended the typo. Cheers.

    • Zifang,
    • February 3, 2011

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s nice to see that Onextrapixel is celebrating Chinese New Year by giving away prizes!

    I would love to win the subscription to Pixmac as I’m working on some e-learning courses that would benefit from the photos on it.

    How do I know about this giveaway? I’m subscibed to here via RSS Feed!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  48. /

    Happy Chinese Lunar New Year~ Thanks in advance if I win~ woohoooo

    iPad would be lovely~ I can see and adjust my ipad app design more accurately!
    And great to play games on the ipad while laying on my bed.
    Second choice would be wordpress theme from Wpzoom.

    I saw this offer on WebdesignerDepot twitter.

  49. /

    Enter me!! I need an ipad!! And that one would be perfect!! I found this on FB

  50. /

    What a great giveaway, my compliments!

    Quite obvious I want to win the iPad! Why? .. Cause I still haven’t got one and love to have one to see if my webdesigns are iPad-tuned.

    Alternatively, free WP or Tumblr Themes from Mojo Themes or WPZOOM is also wonderful ;-P

    Read on Twitter about this great giveaway and couldn’t resist checking it out! Thank you for the opportunity!

  51. /

    Great looking giveaway guys!! (saw this in my RSS reader)

    I would love to win:

    iPad (huge apple fan/owner, just about everything BUT an iPad)
    MojoThemes (always great to have more themes to get inspiration from and use as templates)

    • Joseph Lessard,
    • February 3, 2011

    I am interested in the iPad and the PixMac subscription! I am obtaining my bachelors in web design and these items would help me with the day to day grind! I found out about this through twitter.

  52. /

    Well like everyone else iPod would be great. If not..T-shirt would not be bad

    • Steve Robillard,
    • February 3, 2011

    I am sure I am not alone in saying I would like to win the ipad, but as someone who just spent the better part of three weeks in bed because of arthritis pain, it would make staying connected and up to date a lot easier.

    I heard about the contest reading your RSS feed.

  53. /


    Thanks for this huge Giveaway. I am a Rss subscriber on Onextrapixel.com. So I got to know about this giveaway from my mail.

    I am a webdesigner/Wordpress Designer & Developer.

    1. iPad would be great, cause it is the future of web browsing. And I work 24×7 so this will be very helpful for my work so that i can relax in my bed while work sometimes.

    2. As I have told I am a web designer so Stock photos is an imporant part of our work. And if I get get atleast 1 month access from Pixmac, It would be very helpful.

    3. I am a wordpress guy too. I have bought 2 elegent themes earlier for 2 of my clients. So If I can get the 1 year access from this site I might buy a car at the year end…. (by completing more wordpress projects.)

    4. I am 24 year old. I love wearing artistic T-Shirts. Crazy Dog T-shirts are very good.

    5. And Finally Iconshock. They have the best collection of beautiful and professional icons. I have use some of them too.

    So If I get any of the above it will make my day.

    Dibakar Jana

    • Christian,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would like to win the gift card to Crazy Dog T-shirts. I love creativity and those shirts are the most creative I have ever seen!!! Also, I would like to win an iPad to give to my parents. They would love it! Thanks! <3 the site, by the way. :)

    • Anselma,
    • February 3, 2011

    I heard this giveaway from Twitter. Like the others, I am aiming for the iPad. Please put my name into the drawing hat, as long as the prizes are opened worldwide.

    BTW, I tweeted here to increase my chance: http://twitter.com/Technonesia/status/33064282216202240.

  54. /

    wow… I would definitely like to win the iPad, just coz it makes the designer in you cool… lol.
    though the Icons, Stock Pictures & Themes sound great too…. ;p
    I visit the website regularly saw the giveaway … :)

  55. /

    I’m subscibed to here via RSS Feed.
    Who wants a wonderful iPad? Me me me me!
    Otherwise a Sticker Mule voucher will be useful for a coming project which I have.
    Thank you!

    • Sue,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would love love love the Ipad : )
    or ElegantThemes – I need a web page too

    • james,
    • February 3, 2011

    Happy New Year.

    All the prizes are awesome & I’d consider myself lucky to win any of them. I got to know about the giveaway through google search.

    I do volunteer work for the elderly and needy. One of my tasks is to call up and arrange with bakery shops and make deliveries of daily unsold bread to the various charitable organisations. Because of its portability, I would use the iPad to help me plan and manage my delivery schedule & routes, engage with other volunteers and contact businesses that are willing to lend a hand to the cause.

    I’m also trying to create a website specifically to channel and reach out to others to help out so the Pixmac, ElegantThemes, WPZoom or Iconshock prizes will be just what i need to customize and make it stand out & focus on the cause.

    Thanks & please include me in the contest.

    Followed & tweeted

    • Andrian,
    • February 3, 2011

    I personally would love to have an Ipad because I would like to own my own first piece of Apple and I would like to use it where ever I go. I would use it for school as a note book, I would use it at the grocery store for a crocery/shopping list, I would use it for entertainment on the go, I would use it for mixing music at the studio, I would use it for big presentations at the work place, I would use it to do online shopping, I would use it to blog via blog spot, and I would use it to do class rearshes. I love the sleek bold look of Ipad and I would love to own my own soon.

  56. /

    Happy New Year

    iPad is my favorite and it will be nice to win in giveaway… followed and tweeted

    Thanks for the huge giveaway… I like to win iPad or elegant themes membership. Stumbled to your website to find this giveaway.

    • Iulia,
    • February 3, 2011

    I like to win iPad.

    I work as a nurse and currently using an ipod touch for carrying almost everything I need for work. I have medical references, medical books, anatomy apps etc. so I can always look up when in doubt or if my memory needs refreshing. It would be really great to experience how to work on a tablet as a tool for learning but also sharing knowledge with colleagues or patients.
    My particular interest is in the use of just-in-time training in critical care where I imagine a tablet would really shine!!

    Good luck all!

    • Diana,
    • February 3, 2011

    I have tryed an ipad before and WOW There is not much to say but WOW ! They are the future , They have EVERYTHING ! I mean i have a IPhone and then i tryed the ipad and i seriously nearly cryed , They are so inventive and useful for a MASSIVE agegroup.it is fun , Interesting, Easy to use and even teaches (you learn) They are revolutionary ! They will use ipads generations after this ! SO many different ranges of people can use this ! Buisness women and men , Children , Teachers and even more than 1 person! There are so many features and they are so easy to use
    I would over and fully recommend this product!

  57. /

    I have serious passion about graphics design.I have not that much of money to do a course . so I mainly depend upon web resources and tutorials.So any one of these..

    • Josh Crampton,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would very much love to win the iPad as I would like to be able to develop apps for it and also be able to test my websites on the bigger iDevice screen. I found out about this competition via the rss feed in my Google reader account.

    • Mark Aarhus,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would like an Ipad. Why becaus I dont have one and every time I see someone who has one, im jealous as h… If i cant win that i would love the pixmac, so i can get som really got photos for my designs.

    I visit oneextrapixel.com every day for inspiration.

    • ray,
    • February 3, 2011

    I would like to have the ipad. I have been wanting one ever since they came out. I would like to win something I never won any prize before.



  58. /

    An iPad would be fun, but I think the Mojo Themes would be really beneficial. I love working in Drupal right now, and new themes would be nice :)

    Great contest too! Love the selection! A little bit for everyone!

    (tweeted (@casefox) and “liked”)

    • Priya,
    • February 4, 2011

    iPad is the first choice. Awesome gadget to showoff :P
    In case if not for iPad, pixmac is definitely the second choice….

  59. /

    I would love to win the Pixmac subscription because I am always looking to expand my stock library! That would be a sweet prize in my opinion.

    • Brian Lang,
    • February 4, 2011

    Heard about this the RSS feed – I read it in Google Reader.
    I would really love to win the iPad!

    • maddy osman,
    • February 4, 2011

    heard about your contest through a tweet from smashing mag. i’m going to be cliche and request the ipad. however, my reasons are not purely for entertainment (although lets admit it, they are a little bit for entertainment) BUT because i am learning app development and could benefit from using the device for testing purposes. i’m 20 so you should reward my youthful entrepreneurial spirit ;)

    alternatively, i would be also ok with a pixmac supscription or a crazy dog t shirt gift card.

    • Yari,
    • February 4, 2011

    This is an awesome giveaway! I would love the Crazy Dog gift cards cuz I totally want the Bazinga! Tshirt! I heard about this because I’m subscribed to the onextrapixel feed. *fingers crossed*

    • Jasper Valero,
    • February 4, 2011

    I’d love the Apple iPad and the Pixmac subscription!!! The iPad would allow me to travel a bit lighter when I’m on trips which seems to be happening a lot more. And who wouldn’t love some free stock photography to use on upcoming projects.

    • Isaac C.,
    • February 4, 2011

    I would love to have the iPad 2nd would be Themes. Saw it on WDD’s twitter. could use this for my startup design business. Hope I get it.

    • Nirmal Shah,
    • February 4, 2011

    I would definitely love to win the Apple iPad, as being a Computer Engineering student it shall help me to practice portable programming. I’m an email follower of OXP and hence I got notified of this giveaway via its newsletter.

    Tweeted : http://tinyurl.com/6e2b8la

    • seth,
    • February 4, 2011

    I found OXP via link from IDSA (IndustrialDesignSocietyofAmerica). I am not a webdesigner, but I do have some interaction education. The only Apple product I have ever owned is an iPod, but the iPad sounds terrific. So, I guess I’ll take the t-shirts – if iPad is already taken.

    • Ruthie,
    • February 4, 2011

    I’d like to win the iPad, it would really help with portable productivity and plus it’s just plain awesome.

  60. /

    wow, great contest. Off course I would love the iPad, because I don’t own one yet.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Kurtis,
    • February 4, 2011

    I would love to win the iPad due to my immense desire to develop applications for it. The Iconshock and Pixmac would also be rather fortunate winnings. I discovered this website via Smashing Magazine.

  61. /

    Thank you very much for this opportunity! Great giveaway..

    • patricio,
    • February 5, 2011

    I wouldn’t want the ipad nor a wp theme license nor a sticker voucher, not.
    I’d like those, specially the ipad to get the full experience of it.
    I check your site once or twice a week!
    Keep up the good job.

  62. /

    Being a single member small business owner and a freelancer IT professional, I would love to receive iPad for my mobile professional lifestyle. I could access, communicate and discuss with my customer’s on the road as well as share support to their various queries.

    • Edison Leon,
    • February 5, 2011

    Can I win the iPad? though I’ll be happy if I win anything anyway.

    • Abhilasha,
    • February 5, 2011

    I will love to have iPad. It is a sweet device with nice user experience, productive and edutaining apps as well as very deserving candidate for any person. Thanks for an opportunity. :)

    • Akanksha,
    • February 5, 2011

    Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to OnExtraPixel and everybody trying to win celebratory prizes. Good Luck you all.

    Thanks OnExtraPixel for these giveways and great chance to win one of them. Hope I could win.

    Can you please pick me for ipad or crazy dog t-shirts or StickerMule ? I am a student and an entrepreneur, so one of these will definitely help me to be more professional and be more cool.

    • Anushka,
    • February 5, 2011

    Wow nice Chinese Lunar New Year celebratory prizes. So nice of you to share these with all of us and to give us a chance to win them.

    Please choose me for any of the award. I would be very happy to be lucky for getting unexpected prize.

    Thank you.

    • Angela Quek,
    • February 5, 2011

    Hi OXP,

    I really wish that I can win something this Lunar New Year. I am born in the year of the rabbit which coincidentally is this year zodiac animal. I believed that fate has given me this chance to know this great blog.

    I have never win anything in life, lucky draws etc but this does not make me not believe that I still stand a chance of winning something.

    I hope that I can win an iPad because that it would be a perfect gift for me to read those ebooks anywhere on the go. I always love reading but the hassle of carrying many books around isn’t really feasible.

    Thank you very much for the chance and wish OXP team and family a very happy Chinese new year and all success in future endeavor!

    • Rafi,
    • February 5, 2011

    I’d love to win the iPad, if not i’d be happy to win a subscription for elegant themes or picmac. Thanks for the great giveaway. Can’t wait to see the results.

  63. /

    iPad would be the best for sure :) But also I am a big fan of nice T-shirts, so…. :)

    I heard about this awesome giveaway from my friend. Thank You, Tomas!

  64. /

    Amazing giveaway!
    Absolutely would love the Ipad.
    The second choice is Mojo Themes.

    Found this through twitter.
    I’m following @onextrapixel :)

    • Tomas,
    • February 5, 2011

    I’d really love to win an iPad to read newest design articles on the web and also here on Onextrapixel. Second most desired prize for me would be crazy dog t-shirts.

  65. /

    Would LOVE the iPad !!!

    • Lester Ho,
    • February 6, 2011

    Would like to try and win the iPad! Been downloading/collecting some iPad games since the launch of it but never owned one haha. Will see if I’m lucky enough to try my games on a bigger screen hehe.

    Got to know about this giveaway from your tweets! :)

    Happy New Year to all!

  66. /

    I am a huge fan of having the RSS sent right to my inbox. It keeps me up to date about amazing posts like this one. Of all the prizes I am most interested in Sticker Mules, I am in need of some amazing stickers to help get my brand out there more.

    Though I can say I wouldn’t mind the iPad, now if Adobe would make a version of CS for it!

    • Alexandre Soares,
    • February 7, 2011

    UOOOW! I want IPAD like everyone else! LOL (but I think that is asking too much :P)
    DIGITALIS by MOJO or a account of Elegant Themes is that I need more than anything!!

  67. /

    1. Apple ipad, 2. pixmac and Icon shock would be great for my new project I am working on!!!. I usually read articles from oneextrapixel but found out about the contest via Twitter… Thanks!

  68. /

    I’d love an iPad, I found this from Twitter. I’d like to learn to build iPad apps, plus its be a great learning tool for my son.

  69. /

    Would love o win the iPad or failing that the stickermule stuff. I heard about onextrapixel when i was asked to collaborate in some articles and the designer desktop post.

  70. /

    The Stickermule and the WPZoom Bundles would be most useful to me. I have a project coming up that can use the stickers, and good WP themes are always nice to have.

    I heard about the competition from Twitter. Thanks!

  71. /

    Hi! Really would like to win ELEGANTTHEMES membership…i’m growing web designer(i hope so:) and it will be so cool to win this… Mojo Themes,WpZoom,IconShock are also great…I heard about this Giveaway from your webpage,i read it,then get your twitter about new post… good luck everyone,cross fingers and let’s hope to win! P.S. Good luck and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! :)

  72. /

    Hi everyone, thank you for your support. The contest is closed.

    Do take note that Stickermule has provide $25 Coupon Code (OXP 25) Onextrapixel’s readers. Please visit their website to enjoy this offer.

    The winners are listed at the end of this article. Thank you!

  73. /

    A great giveaway! I would love to win the iPad and my reason is because who wouldn’t want one?!

    I found this competition in my favourites as I regularly check out your blog.

    • mastersson,
    • February 7, 2011

    Funny enough, I would prefer to win the Elegant Themes membership over a certain Mr Jobs’s creation! Learning on the job webdesigner who would love to try out the benefits of a well rounded wordpress designer’s services.

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