27 Great Sci-Fi Digital Arts from Deviant Art

27 Great Sci-Fi Digital Arts from Deviant Art

Science fiction has been widely popular for years. Nowadays, technology enables graphic designers and digital artists to illustrate the fantasy of their imagination through digital arts. There are so many futuristic Sci-Fi concepts that have been created by several famous digital artists. They often use Maya and 3D Studio Max for initial modeling and Adobe Photoshop for final retouching.

Sci-Fi Digital Art

According to Wikipedia, Science fiction is a genre of fiction. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative speculation). Exploring the consequences of such differences is the traditional purpose of science fiction, making it a “literature of ideas”. Science fiction is largely based on writing rationally about alternative possibilities. The settings for science fiction are often contrary to known reality.

27 Great Sci-Fi Digital Arts

In this post, I present 27 great science fiction digital arts from Deviant Art with my personal review for each image. Click on the image to view it full size.

Worth enough?
Great picture. It illustrates the huge gap between a hypertech city and a primitive one. As you can see in the picture, water wastes are flowing into the river below. It’s very ironic.

Worth Enough 1

Atmosphere Emitters
There are several huge towers emitting atmosphere on that planet. Nice picture.

Atmosphere Emitter

Somewhere in the North
Looks like a military tower that is located on the north pole.

Somewhere in the North

Great futuristic city illustration. I like its color combination. Very interesting.


Thegg Mining Outpost
Great sunset panorama of a mining facility with two planets, one of which is similar to Saturn.

Thegg Minig Outpost

Platform 47
It looks like a futuristic manufacturing factory which is still running at night. At the bottom of the image, trains are delivering sand.

Platform 47

Darkness Concept VI
I like the concept of this artificial island. I hope that someday I will own this kind of island.

Darkness Concept VI

Another World
Another world? It looks like a futuristic portable bridge.

Another World

This is awesome. A shiny portal leads to an unknown world. Great concept.


Alpha Centauri
Maybe the star in the background is an illustration of alpha centauri, which is at a distance of about 4.3 light years from our lovely earth.

Alpha Centauri

The Hub
Looks like a common futuristic mining factory.

The Hub

Just Dropping By
Could you imagine being able to see three moons at the same time?

Just Dropping By

Mass Effect 2 Final Shot
Great concept of an alien invasion. The spaceship looks like a meteor, but I’m sure that it’s a futuristic spaceship.

Mass Effect

Atlantis City Daytime
Another artificial island concept. It’s very cool.

Atlantis City

Imagine that a millennium from now, cars will float in the air. It will reduce land traffic jams, right?


The Rising Tide
Great illustration of many futuristic satellites.

The Rising Tide

Industrial City
A common futuristic city concept with high level buildings.


Future City
Looks like a concept of a futuristic city under a dome.

Future City

Nowhere City
The first time I looked at this picture, I thought it was a mining facility. But the author says that it is a city.

Nowhee City

Primitive City
Primitive? They seem very futuristic to me.

Primitive City

Star Wars
A huge building in the center of a futuristic land.

Star Wars

Sci-Fi Factories
Great futuristic factory concept. I like the color of the sky.


Looks like a city built in the sky that works for flying cars.


Research Ship WIP3
A futuristic harbor with a futuristic research ship.

Research Ship

Escape from “Cloudy Sky”
I don’t really understand the title. Maybe the author was imaging himself escaping from a dangerous cloudy nebula in outer space?

Escape from Cloudy Sky

D.S.E. delta04
Just another futuristic spaceship concept.


Worth Enough? 2
A futuristic building that reaches the sky. Taller than Burj Dubai isn’t it?

Worth Enough 2


Great aren’t they? But you have to remember that they are just a concept. We have to wait for them to be realized in our time. Maybe 10 years, 20 years, or even hundreds of years after us? Just be grateful for our world now. Try hard to contribute positive things to the present world we live in.

Here are other great artworks of futuristic Sci-Fi:

Albert Lie is the owner and main author of psd-tutorial.com. Currently specializing in graphic design and Adobe Photoshop.


    • Michael Horne,
    • March 12, 2010
    / Reply

    Great showcase – thanks for finding this great artwork and bringing a little light into our lives.

  1. / Reply

    I’m actually drawn to “Primitive City.” While it doesn’t look primitive in comparison to our cities, it does look like a mish-mash collection of metal odds-and-ends stacked upon one another. Some parts look impractical, if you’re imagining it in sky-scraper scale. I could see it looking primitive to the other fictitious cultures represented in many of the other illustrations. It also looks a little sad, as if it represents the ending of a great fallen civilization. It almost has a ghost-town feel to it.

    1. / Reply

      Yes, i agree that it much looks like a ghost city. But it looks really futuristic with their detailed ornament.

      • mary,
      • March 15, 2010
      / Reply

      Actually, I can sort of understand why it was called primitive city.

      Unlike our current ‘architectural’ trend towards glass and steel and clean straight lines, the buildings in this artwork are made from metal. Like scrap pieces of industrial fittings or something. So maybe it was called primitive city because of that.

        • Hoel,
        • April 2, 2010
        / Reply

        Or is it because it’s made up of GEOMETRIC PRIMITIVES!?
        For someone who says he specializes in graphical design, this basic concept of 3D modeling should be pretty obvious.

        And the one called star wars is of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

        Way to do your research! You just picked the top 30 viewed SF images from deviantart and spent 5mins writing captions. Impressive.

    • Matt Slater,
    • March 12, 2010
    / Reply

    Great collection. Very inspiring, the full size version of that first one is incredible. Also check out the link to wireframe version at Deviant – seriously blows my mind.

    FYI, Atlantis City Daytime is the city from Stargate: Atlantis, rather than a concept piece.

  2. / Reply

    Amazing collection, thanks for referencing Zeemp Blog post. :)

  3. / Reply

    will future really like this?

    1. / Reply

      Nobody knows. We can only hope that technology grows faster than we thought, so that we can still enjoy what we called “future” in our mind…

  4. / Reply

    I’ve always been a huge fan of concept art and designs. I believe anything we can imagine can come true in time as technology advances.

  5. / Reply

    “Worth Enough” must be the future of Taipei, Taiwan! Because if you see the bigger image (http://radoxist.deviantart.com/art/Worth-enough-73247873) You can find ‘Taipei 101’ building in that.

    1. / Reply

      Really? I didn’t noticed that :D

  6. / Reply

    An absolutely awesome collection. I am amazed at the details of each photo.

  7. / Reply

    Excellent round-up of artwork. I love the perspective for Platform 47 and the colors used in Captivity.

    • Seygantte,
    • March 21, 2010
    / Reply

    I don’t think that the Atlantis one is original. I’m pretty sure it’s just the city from the Stargate Atlantis TV series.

    • Mac,
    • March 23, 2010
    / Reply

    hey asswipe, who drew these? how about some credits…. asswipe

    • trtru,
    • March 23, 2010
    / Reply

    The author’s stupid comments are not needed for this article. It’s a bunch of “I don’t get it” bullshit. And then a big “about the author” section? Pfsh, fuck you. Loser!

  8. / Reply

    Super inspiration for robotic-city.cz

  9. / Reply

    sci-fi is the best, i always watch science fiction movies and read science fiction novels :

  10. / Reply

    Sci-Fi is the best, i love sci-fi movies, books and stuffs like that. I am a man of science that is why i love it ,:,

    • kevintwell,
    • March 3, 2011
    / Reply

    love them all. Some look feasible to build now.

    • None,
    • July 31, 2012
    / Reply

    Great artwork…what a shame about the author’s comments above each one, which range from stupid to incomprehensible.

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