Awesome Retro Font Family For An Amazing Low Price

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Retro and vintage style has always been a well-received trend. We can see examples on our clothing, building and product design. The trend has even spread online with many adopting a retro and old school feel in web design and even fonts.

Today, we would like to introduce you a font family called Thirsty Rough by Yellow Design Studio. It combines both contemporary and vintage worlds, resulting in one beautiful and cool font.

About Thirsty Script Rough Font Family

  • You will get a unique font with multiple versions, from very light to heavy distress.
  • This font looks great even when used on large sizes, it’s crisply detailed in every pixel.
  • The font is customizable with the included set of matching texture pieces and consists a complete character set with alphabets, numbers, symbols, punctuation and more.
  • The font is available in both Desktop and Web version and works on both Windows and Mac and supports multiple languages.

Thirsty Script Rough Styles

Get this Font Now

For a limited time, this font is available for just $9, usual price: $49, for either desktop or web version and of course you can get both for $18.

Thirsty Script Rough Font

This offer will not last forever and if you are looking to add a retro yet stylish font to your design arsenal, this font family is a great choice. Check out Thirst Script Rough Font Family today.

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