60+ More Extreme and Controversial Ads to Stun You Again

Controversy in advertising is really nothing new, and if the controversy is intentional, the purpose is to be hard-hitting and get a point across in a harsh and direct manner.

Some advertisers use images to hit hard, some use words, which is a more subtle way as the image is usually not in the least offensive, so you have to stop and read the ad to see the controversy.

60+ More Extreme and Controversial Ads to Stun You Again

Cultural differences mean that some adverts that appear controversial or offensive to you, may not offend someone from a very different cultural background.So there will, no doubt, be advertisements in this showcase that you find controversial, offensive, rude or in very bad taste, and others that will not affect your moral senses whatsoever – it is going to depend very much on your culture.

We previously featured 80 such advertisements in our article 80 Extreme Advertisements That Will Challenge Your Mind and today we bring you 60+ more adverts from around the globe that will definitely challenge your mind and make you think… again!

Extreme and Controversial Adverts

Arano: Blind Taste Test
Arano Blind Taste Test

Coco-de-Mer Erotic Boutique
Coco De Mer Erotic Boutique

WWF: Baby
WWF Baby

Rasayana Tea
Rasayana Tea

Keimling Vegetarian Restaurant Chain
Keimling Vegetarian Restaurants

Silk Soft
Silk Soft

Playstation 2: Scars
Playstation 2 Scars

Playstation 2: Panties
Playstation 2 Panties

Monster.com: Wrong Job, Barber

Sisley: Fashion Junkie

Samusocial: Asphaltisation

French Aids Awareness: Scorpion
French Aids Awareness

Pink Ribbon: Survived
Pink Ribbon

Vaticano: Fire

Children and Adolescents Reference Center: Peter
Children and Adolescents Reference Center

France24: Couple

CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer: Brown
CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer

Adam le Adam, Community For The Elderly: Hangman’s Noose
Adamle Adam Community For The Elderly

Brita Water Filtration Pitchers: Brunette
Brita Water Filtration Pitchers

Volkswagen Touran: Kidnapped
Volkswagen Touran

Anything & Whatever Soft Drinks: Farm
Anything and Whatever Soft Drinks

Roy Awards: Eyes
Roy Awards

FAADA: Woman

Ligue Internationale Contrele Racisme et Lantisemitisme: Cleaning Lady
Ligue Internationale Contrele Racismeet Lantisemitisme

Der Doctor Guerrilla: Brain
Der Doctor Guerrilla

Marie Claire: Mouth
Marie Claire

Good Parent: Girl
Good Parent

PIA! (Peace in Action): Chad T-Shirt

Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation: Stay in Bed Day: Bed
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

IndyAct: Snow Leopard
Indy Act

Deutscher Tierschutz Bund e.V.: Animal Rights, Pig
Deutscher Tierschutz Bunde V

MTV Serbia: Teen Mom
MTV Serbia

Just Liquid Hand Wash: Maggots
Just Liquid Hand Wash

Deutsch: Crotch

Bucharest Traffic Police: Meet New People, Stretcher
Bucharest Traffic Police

Diesel: Scorpion

Action Group for World Solidarity: Talent
Action Group for World Solidarity

CPD Prevention and Citizenship: Grave
CPD Prevention and Citizenship

Toyota Prius: Killer
Toyota Prius

St Matthew-in-the-City: Wine
St Matthew in the City

Bianco: Men

France ADOT: God
France ADOT

Luxor Hot Tubs & Saunas: KKK Vs Afro
Luxor Hot Tubsand Saunas

Onida: Hitler

Tamayo Museum: Heart
Tamayo Museum

Hell Pizza: Hell Cross Bun
Hell Pizza

Amnesty International: Swimming
Amnesty International Swimming

Amnesty International: Weight Lifting
Amnesty International

Samsung WF338AAB: Ink
Samsung WF338AAB

Association de Defence Contre le Tabac: Girl
Association de Defence Contrele Tabac

International Society for Human Rights: Burka
International Society for Human Rights

JBS Mens Underwear: Nurse
JBS Mens Underwear

McDonald’s: Baby Ronald
McDonalds Baby Ronald

McDonald’s: Individuals

Backerei Troller: Really Good Bread
Backerei Troller

Diet Coke: Tiny Behind
Diet Coke

Antonio Federici Ice Cream: We Believe in Salivation http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/antonio_federici_ice_cream_we_believe_in_salivation
Antonio Federici Ice Cream Immaculately Conceived

Antonio Federici Ice Cream: Immaculately Conceived
Antonio FedericiIce Cream We Believe in Salivation

Eden Wasabi Chips: Pinching
Eden Wasabi Chips

Viagra: Holes

Eshe Streetwear: Brainwashin’ Brian
Eshe Streetwear

IP Press Men’s Magazine: Kennedy Assassination
IP Press Mens Magazine


Were you stunned by many of these advertisements, or did you find most of them quite acceptable? There is no doubt that there are certain subjects that are used to shock, such as hard-hitting adverts including children, animals, historical characters such as Hitler, sex, etc. There are also some advertisers who nearly always use shock tactics to get their point across, such as Amnesty International, and PlayStation 2 went through a shocking-ad campaign.

Please share your thoughts and opinions with us – let us know which of these adverts affected you most and which you found to be very mild advertising.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.

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