WordPress Giveaway: Ultimate WordPress Administration Plugin

We are pleased to have Dev4Press provide us with 3 lifetime standard plugin licenses to their plugin bundles. They offer premium and free plugins, xScape Themes Framework with premium themes developed exclusively for the WordPress CMS Platform.

WordPress Giveaway: Ultimate WordPress Administration Plugin

GD Press Tools Pro

GD Press Tools is a collection of various backup, administration, database, SEO, cron job scheduling, security, debug, tracking, sitemaps generator and other maintenance tools. The plugin expands and improves WordPress panels and features and can help with everyday website tasks and development. Latest version of the plugin is 4.0.9, with work on major updated 4.1 starting soon adding many more new features and improving existing ones.


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Overview of GD Press Tools Pro Features

  • WordPress Multi site: Full support for network mode and multisite installations with menus available for sites and network mode dashboards.
  • Database Tools: Cleanup, repair, drop, empty tables. Display tables structure and status.
  • Backup Tools: Full and partial database backup, full and partial files backup, schedule backup jobs, upload archives to Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Rackspace Cloud and Google Storage.
  • Registrations And Users Management: Tracking users activities, restricting registrations, prune users, auto filter for spam registrations, extra contact fields.
  • Security Tools: HTAccess tweaks, file system permissions, scan URL’s for injections attacks, security advisor, remove header elements.
  • Cron Scheduler: List of jobs, run or remove jobs, scheduler periods for cron jobs editor.
  • Administration Tools: Reset sidebars, change username, custom gravatars.
  • Maintenance Mode: Custom templates, timer, HTTP messages, customizable text.
  • Server Info: PHP information, PHP constants, MySQL information.
  • Advanced Debugger: Floating or embedded debug window with info about WordPress, plugins, core environment, PHP warnings and errors, deprecated functions. Expandable.
  • Logging and Tracking Tools: Pretty print functions, preview of JSON and PHP serialized data, log anything for debugger display.
  • File Manager: Browse WordPress Instalation, edit plain text files: php, txt, css..., upload files and create folder.
  • XML Sitemaps Generator: split sitemaps by content and size, support for custom post types and taxonomies support, search engine notifications, XSLT transformation file, auto build files, calculated priorities, exclusions of content and expanding maps.
  • WordPress Integration: Extra columns for various editors, additional dashboard widget controls, delayed RSS feeds publishing and customization, control WordPress updates.
  • SMTP Settings: override default WordPress email sending with custom SMPT or with GMail account, customizable email and sender name.
  • Post and Terms Tools: Auto Tagger, duplicate posts, pin posts to dashboard, advanced options setting from post editor widget, delete revisions.
  • Meta SEO Tools: Advanced robots meta tag panel, meta tag language, search engine validation, post based robots meta tags.
  • Various Tweaks and Tools: disable auto save, disable flash uploader...


With GD Press Tools Pro you can make backups of database, files or both. Each backup job can contain multiple tasks and can be scheduled to run at any time. Tasks can be full backups or partial only some folders, use of exclusions, with extra support for multisite installations and backup of individual sites files. The plugin can use different backup methods. Created archive can be uploaded to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Rackspace Cloud or any FTP. For each archive detailed log is saved.


Backup Files


The plugin adds many useful security related features including tweaks that are added to .htaccess file, changes to file permissions, filtering of users registrations for spam users, pruning inactive or spam users, customizable filters for users username, email or domain used, limitation of usernames and passwords. Security Advisor panel shows recommended and optional security features to use and configure.


XML Sitemaps Generator

Allows for dividing different content types into separate files with splitting by map size and supporting any website size with using very little resources to build a sitemap. For each content type you can specify priority and change frequency using constant values or some of the built in calculation methods. Maps can be generated on content change, manual or scheduled to run at a specified time. Major search engines can be notified about new maps.


WordPress Integration

GD Press Tools Pro has tons of small features that integrate into many WordPress panels, adding columns, tweaking behavior, controlling plugins, themes and core updates and much more. The plugin allows setting of SMTP settings for mail functions in WP to use custom SMTP server or GMail servers.


Powerful Debugging

The plugin adds many debug related functions for displaying complex data in compact tree like form, display serialized and JSON content, logging of any object or message and more. Core of the system is a debugger panel that can be integrated into the Admin Bar or added to the footer. Debugger shows all relevant WP and runtime information, with SQL Queries run by WordPress, all PHP warnings and errors when possible, deprecated functions, individual plugins and more. Debugger can be expanded with additional panels.


Plugin Editions and Licenses

Lite edition of the plugin has only 15% of features that are available in Pro edition, and Lite is not supported. Pro edition comes with full support and access to regular and beta updates while the license is valid. All Dev4Press plugins have an auto update feature through centralized Updater plugin. Both Standard and Developer license allow use of Updater directly from WordPress to install or update plugin. Developer license also includes SVN access (on request), and email ticket based support. Both licenses give access to the support forum, documentation and tutorials (video and text).

How to Win?

To participate in the contest and win a lifetime standard plugin license you just need to post a comment below and include a couple of words stating why you would like to win. The winners will be selected randomly, from the comments below. Please enter a valid email address.

The competition will be open until this Saturday, 4th June 2011. Winners will be announced on this article and will be contacted via email.

Good luck!

Here Are The 3 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the 3 lucky winners for the Ultimate WordPress Administration Plugin giveaway. They are:

  • James Kyle
  • Robert Thomas
  • Nathália

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

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