Design Books Giveaway: 3 x ‘The Blue Lady’s New Look & Other Curiosities’ Book

One can never have enough design books because they are a constant dose of inspiration to keep your mind refreshed and recharged. If you are looking for a great book on design, branding and marketing, ‘The Blue Lady’s New Look & Other Curiosities’ is a book for you!

Design Books Giveaway: 3 x 'The Blue Lady's New Look & Other Curiosities' Book

Onextrapixel is privileged to collaborate with the jkr Design Gazette to giveaway 3 books of 'The Blue Lady’s New Look & Other Curiosities'.

About The Book

'The Blue Lady' is fully illustrated throughout and perfect for the satchel and journey to work.’ IPA president and TED Talker Rory Sutherland

The jkr Design Gazette offers observations and opinions on brands using design to create a competitive advantage. The game of getting noticed and chosen never changes, but this anthology explores how the rules are being rewritten.

The Blue Lady- Inside

This book encompasses 52 fresh branding and marketing observations from the past year. It also includes discussions about the post-modern design era; effective design in practice; the collision of digital and analogue; sustainability and much more!

The Blue Lady-Inside

The Blue Lady's New Look & Other Curiosities

In addition, you will get to answer some of these questions:

  • How come a brand of rotting fish entrails from the first century AD still has a promotion running?
  • Can graphics make a car go faster, or put a ball in the net? Has Mandeville wet himself?
  • Why is Aristide Bruant the best client ever?
  • Is gender bending ok for brands?
  • Can bad taste make for a good design? What's a Trogon anyway?
  • Do we want to be delighted by a cash machine?

Comment and be a Winner!

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is to just leave your comment below. The comment should state how this book will be useful for you.

Please enter your real name and a valid email address. Winners will be chosen randomly from the comments.

The competition will be open until Saturday, 12th February 2011. Winners will be announced on this article and will be contacted via email with the access details.

Now you could have another great addition to your collection! Good luck!

Here Are The 3 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the 3 lucky winners for the Design Books Giveaway. They are:

  • Emily
  • Stacy
  • Sarah

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

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