30 Best Illustrator Drawing Tutorials of 2010

Rightly named, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best software programs (some would argue the best) for drawing illustrations. The Pen Tool can be difficult to learn but incredibly useful for tracing or drawing images once mastered. The Live Trace feature saves so much time when tracing very detailed images. There are a number of amazing tools and features available in Illustrator (warp, symbols, gradients, 3D effects, and the list goes on), so many in fact that Illustrator takes much practice to really know what incredible design feats you can accomplish.

30 Best Illustrator Drawing Tutorials of 2010

30 Best Illustrator Drawing Tutorials of 2010

This is why completing tutorials is so important. You can learn skills and shortcuts from other designers that you may never learn on your own. Plus, tutorials are a nice excuse to break away from the dull side of a designer’s life to have fun, yet you can still chalk up a tutorial as education. So, with this in mind, here some of the best Illustrator tutorials from last year that teaches awesome drawing techniques. Have fun learning!

Car Stereo
Car Stereo

Cute Santa
Cute Santa

Summer Field
Summer Field

Simple Storefront Icon

Magical Hand Shaped Vine
Magical Hand Shaped Vine

Make Vector Portraits from Photos
Vector Portraits

Artistic and Elegant Artwork
Artistic Artwork

Realistic Gamepad

50’s Style Auto Advertisement
50s Style Auto Ad

Briefcase Icon

Dirty Water Drop Character
Dirty Water Drop

Modeling the Human Face in Illustrator
Human Face

Super Villain Megamind

Maneater Vector Girl
Maneater Vector Girl

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Toaster Popping
Toaster Popping

Super Sharp Vector Swords
Sharp Swords

Painterly Apple in CS5
Painterly Apple

Japanese Sushi

Make a Hitman

Upholstery Pattern in Five Minutes
Upholstery Pattern

Realistic Burning Sparkler

Soccer Ball Vector
Soccer Ball

Symmetrical Character Art
Symmetrical Character

Illustrate Dynamic Hair
Dynamic Hair

Wooden Smoking Pipe
Wooden Pipe

Lustrous Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar

Lady Birds Insect Tutorial

Discover Tattoo Illustration Techniques

Underwater Clown Fish
Clown Fish


What is you favorite Illustrator drawing tutorial from 2010? Do any of those showcased above make it into your list of favorite tutorials? Please share with us in the comments below.

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