Onextrapixel Turns One with A New Look and Presents for You!

Bring out the champagne! Blow up the party balloons and prepare for the birthday cake! Celebrate our first birthday with us no matter which part of the world you’re at.

Time flies and one year has zipped by so quickly. However, we have had a great year and we’re very pleased with all that we’ve achieved in this time. Today, we’ll share the story of our humble beginnings and the journey we took to get to where we are today.

Onextrapixel Turns One with A New Look and Presents for You!

And what is a birthday without presents? In celebration of our first birthday, we are happy to share our joy with you and have some superb surprises and gifts for you!

The Humble Beginnings of Onextrapixel

The building blocks that form the sturdy base of Onextrapixel are enthusiasm, passion, interest, and a common set of goals. There was no major pre-planning or revolutionary ideas. It was most certainly not planned to be a money making machine. Onextrapixel was born out of two passionate individuals whose paths crossed through a mutual friend and fate did the rest.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but both of us were actually looking for a working associate; one of us needed a developer and the other needed a designer to work with on web projects. Since we were first introduced, we’ve developed a good working rhythm and established a rapport with each other. And after collaborating successfully on several projects, we realised that we supported each other’s strengths and made up for the weaknesses.

Over time, our shared interest and aims to contribute more to the industry moved us to communicate and give back to the online community. We wanted to share our experiences and to continue learning about the industry through discourse with fellow designers and developers. And so we created Onextrapixel to do just that.

Why the name Onextrapixel?

Choosing the name for the blog was a very important task. It was to become our brand name, our identity. We cracked our brains trying to come up with a great name. One day, we were having a casual conversation regarding an image in PhotoShop and how perfect it was because we “zoomed in and not one extra pixel was out of place" and it suddenly hit us. ‘One extra pixel’ was the perfect name for our blog; because we are meticulous and always try to aim for perfection as much as we possibly can, and because we do our best not to let even one extra pixel be out of place.

One Year Older, One Year Wiser!

Onextrapixel has gone green in the course of our celebratory redesign. Not one piece of paper or resources were wasted during the redesign process. Although no major reconstruction was involved, minor but obvious improvements were made to the overall feel, look and layout of the design.

Onextrapixel overall

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve made use of more white in this updated look to help bring out the brand colours and also to make it easier for you, our loyal readers, to read our content. Expanding the width also gives more space for text and images to breathe, making it look less cluttered.

Saying Thank You!

We didn’t get here on our own. Coming this far without the support of the community was impossible. The constructive criticism, advice and encouragement we received helped us to grow in the right direction.

These are some of the people that we sincerely thank for generously helping us over the past 12 months. All of you are the reason we have a birthday to celebrate today.

Firstly, a big ‘Thank you’ to all our authors! We are extremely grateful to have such amazing writers who have sacrificed their time and put in lots of effort to help us produce great articles for our blog. Please be sure to check out their sites and give them the same support you have given us.

Smashing Network Members

Next, we'd like to thank Smashing Magazine – Vitaly & team together with the Smashing Network members for their support and encouragement. Their presence has helped us to stay focus and continually push us to produce great content for our readers. To some of the other design blogs we’ve crossed paths with; it was a great pleasure to exchange contacts.

Also, not forgetting the advertisers that have supported us; a big 'Thank you' to Todd Garland and the team from BuySellAds for arranging advertisers on OXP, you also helped to get us to where we are today.

Last, but most certainly not least, we would like to thank everyone who has shown their support for us by sharing our articles and helping our name reach out to the ever growing audience every day. Your precious comments and numerous emails have reassured and encouraged us greatly. Keep those emails coming! We will ensure that your feedbacks and suggestions will not fall on deaf ears. We will keep our ears open and welcome your input so that we will continue to improve and make OXP better.

If you've sent us an email but did not receive a reply from us, we sincerely apologise for that. The high email traffic we receive on a daily basis prevents us from replying every single email. However, rest assured, all your emails are important to us and have been read.

Up Next!

We are nothing without all of you. Help us to continue contributing to the community by letting others know who we are and what we offer. We hope to continue reaching out to people to share noteworthy ideas, valuable resources, and interesting insights about this industry. Help us build a better community.

There is much to look forward to and we have lots more planned for OXP. Keep checking our space for more articles, giveaways, and prizes coming your way.

Win Big On Our Birthday!

Now it’s time for the best part of any birthday party; the opening of presents. To show our appreciation to all of you who have made this birthday possible, we’ve put together some amazing freebies to give away to you. Here, we’d also like to take the opportunity to thank all the sponsors who have generously agreed to be part of this celebration. You have our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for helping us reward our loyal readers.

1. FlashEff


Prizes: 1 x FlashEff2 Premium Plus License ($279 worth), 2 x FlashEff2 Premium Licenses ($99 worth each)

Only the winner of the Premium Plus License will get the Flex version. FlashEff2 for Flex is sold separately and is included inside the FlashEff2 Premium Plus package only.

About FlashEff Component
FlashEff is an easy to use flash component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition effects in Flash. It's virtually an infinite library of effects that can be used and customised to create professional Flash content.


  • IDE Versions: Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Flash CS4
  • Action Script Version: AS3.0
  • Flash Player Version: Flash Player 9, 10, +
  • Work on AIR and various Standalone players

Note: FlashEff 2.0 Flex works in both Flex Builder 3 and Flex/Flash Builder 4.


Prize: 2 Copies of Licenses

2 Winners will receive the latest version of each. Compatibility with Mac only.

About, brought to you by Lucky Ants is a powerful application for Mac OS X that stores the most valuable pieces of code that you can re-use in different projects many times. The main idea is to make the process of re-using as easy as possible to avoid wasting your valuable time to write the same code again.

3. Pixmac


Prize: 2 x $80 Credits

2 Winners will receive $80 worth of credits to spend at Pixmac.

About Pixmac
Pixmac is the fastest, most usable and reliable microstock agency out there. If you're looking for the best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, Pixmac is the perfect tool, with accurate search results and helping you at every step.

4. Balsamiq


Prize: 3 Copies of Mockups For Desktop Licenses

3 Winners will receive a copy of the Balsamiq Mockups each. Compatibility with Window, Mac & Linux platform.

About Balsamiq
Balsamiq - Mockups For Desktop allows you to work on your UI wherever you are, regardless of your Internet connection. Import and export features ensure seamless integration with all the other versions of mockups, for you when you get back online. Plus you can load and save multiple mockups files, use all keyboard shortcuts and lots more.

5. IconDock


Prize: 5 Sets of Icons

5 winners will have the choice to select any 1 set of icon from IconDock.

About IconDock
IconDock is brought to you by N.Design Studio. It offers stock icons in vector and pixel format that you can quickly snap in your projects to speed up the development. You can buy vector icons individually (as low as $1 each) or a complete set.

6. The Smashing Book

Smashing Book

Prize: 3 Copies of The Smashing Book

3 Winners will receive a copy of The Smashing Book.

About the Book
The Smashing Book, brought to you by Smashing Magazine, is a book about the best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and the best practices on coding, usability and optimisation. It explores how to create successful user interfaces and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, colour and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs.

7. Digging into WordPress

Digging Into WordPress

Prize: 3 Copies of Digging into WordPress eBook (PDF)

3 Winners will receive the most current version and a lifetime subscription to all updated (PDF) copies of the book.

About the Book
Digging into WordPress (by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr) gives you an in-depth anatomy of a WordPress theme; how they work, and how to write the code you need to do the things you want. This means it gives you real codes that you can sink your teeth into, as well as copy and paste. Beyond theme building, it introduces many tricks your functions.php file can pull off and shows you ways to increase performance and security through HTAccess.

8. UPrinting


Prize: 6 sets of 500 Business Cards

6 Winners will receive 500 business cards each. Limited to US residents only, must be 18 years old or above to enter.

UPrinting is a leading online printing company that provides high quality printing at the most affordable prices. UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.

Details of the Business Cards

  • Sizes: 2 x 3.5 (US Standard), 2 x 2 (square card) or 1.75 x 3.5” (slim card)
  • Paper: 14 pt gloss cardstock, 14 pt matte cardstock or 13 pt recycled uncoated cardstock
  • Specifications: Full Color Both Sides
  • Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping

Comment and Win Now!

Want to win these amazing prizes? It’s easy! All you have to do is to write us a comment and tell us which prize you would love to have. (Hint: Write a couple of lines on how OXP has influenced you, and stand a higher chance of winning!)

The closing date is on 19th of April 2010 (GMT +08:00). The winners will be selected randomly. So everyone has a chance to be a winner.

The results will be announced on OXP the next day on the 20th of April 2010 (GMT +08:00). Winners will be contacted through email so please be sure to check that you’ve given us the correct and valid email address. Good luck everyone!

Thank you for reading and please help us share this news with the rest of the community! We look forward to celebrating more birthdays with you! Here's to many more great years ahead!

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.