Smashing Magazine Redesigned, Introducing Smashing Network – With VIDEO!

This Halloween holiday, 18 extraordinary blogs come together with only one absolute goal in mind to form the Smashing Network. The redesigned of the interface gives reader more great choices of content to explore from the various blogs at Smashing’s homepage.

Onextrapixel is really happy to be part of the new Smashing Network. We will like to thank Vitaly Friedman and the rest of Smashing Magazine editorial staff for the inclusion of Onextrapixel.

Smashing Network Video

Since we are in the midst of producing another project with such a concept, we thought perhaps it would be fun to create something for this occasion given enough time and resources. This video includes a lot of fast motion that shows the high velocity and power of information sharing over the web. It also introduced the various blogs that were featured together with Onextrapixel.

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