9 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Help You Speed Up Your Work

As a web designer or developer, we use our Firefox browser daily and in order to utilize the full power of the browser and speed up our development work, we should at least know some keyboard shortcuts keys.

Below I share with you 9 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Keys, some of them you might have known and other that you are not familiar can be really useful.

1. Reload Current Page

This is a very common shortcut key that most of you will know. Very often you will need to refresh the current web page after you have made some amendment on your CSS or code. By hitting the F5 key, it will reload the web page and you will be able to see the changes immediately.

Reload Current Page

2. Clear The Cache

After you have amended some codes and hit several times on F5 key, however there isn't any changes being made on your web page, you wondered what could have happened? Well, it's the browser cache that store most of the files playing with you. In order to clear the cache and load the new set of files, hold down Shift key on your keyboard and click Refresh.

Clear the Cache

3. Open New Tab

When you need to go to another web page, opening new tab can be as easy as hitting Ctrl + T.

Open New Tab

4. Close Unwanted Tab

After you are done with the web page, hitting Ctrl + W help you close the tab.

Close Unwanted Tab

5. Bookmark This Page

Have you came across certain web pages that you like? Hit Ctrl + D will pop up the bookmark panel instantly for you to select where this web page should be save.

Bookmark This Page

6. Select All

No matter at which part of Firefox Browser you're at, by hitting Ctrl + A will help you select all the text within that region. For instance, by hitting Ctrl + A in a textbox, will select all the texts within it.

Select All

7. Opening Up Source Page

From time to time, you will need to open up and view the source page of a web page, to check for validated HTML code or settle some debugging issues. Hitting Ctrl + U can open the source page in a blink.

Opening Up Source Page

8. Find

If you come across to a web page that is full of words, and you are looking for certain keywords, hitting Ctrl + F can't be any faster.


9. Find Again

After hitting Ctrl + F and the search result is not what you wanted, continue hitting Ctrl + G or F3 to go to the next result.

Find Again

The above are just some of the good to know shortcuts, there are still plenty of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts that can help you speed up your work. Most of them work the same in other browers too. You might want to check out Mozilla Firefox for the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Do you have any shortcuts keys that you find it useful or simply that most of us are not aware of? You can share with us here!

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